Grade Reports

Students may view their course grades through the Voyager Information System. Grades for the term just ended will become visible after the grade posting and academic action review process is completed. Lawrence students are responsible for communicating their academic progress to others (parents, scholarship foundations, insurance companies, etc.) as needed. Some choose to sign a release authorizing the registrar and the dean of student academic services to send grade reports, academic action letters, and other academic progress information to parents or guardians. Grades will not be given to students over the phone.

A grade of "NR" indicates a valid grade was not reported for the student. Grades of "NR" will lapse to "F" shortly after the end of the term unless a valid grade is reported by the instructor. Students receiving "NR" grades should contact the instructor of the course for clarification.

Academic Records

Every student should review her or his academic record before registering for courses and at the end of the class change period each term (see Important Dates & Deadlines). It is the student's responsibility to maintain an accurate registration record. Failure to do so can result in:

  • receiving no credit for a completed course
  • receiving a failing grade in a course never attended
  • failing to be certified as a full-time student for insurance, financial aid, immigration, or other purposes
  • being assessed a late registration fee

See Helpful Hints for Registration for suggestions on how to avoid the most common problems. After the class change period for the term concludes, students must petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration to correct registration errors for the current term (see Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Regulations). Students who are allowed to add or cancel classes after the deadline will be assesed a late registration fee: per addition or cancellation approved from the third week of the term through the last day of classes, up to a maximum of 0; per addition or cancellation approved after the last day of classes, no maximum.

Current and former students may obtain a plain paper copy of their course records (unofficial transcript) or degree summaries at any time by contacting the Registrar's Office. Students who attended Lawrence from Fall of 2001 on can also view this information on line at any time by using Lawrence Voyager (secure login required). Academic records are also made available to faculty advisors and other administrative personnel. Unofficial transcripts will not be sent to third parties.

Students who need to convey their academic record, grades, or enrollment status to others should arrange to have an official document sent from the Registrar's Office to the other party. Other colleges, scholarship foundations, prospective employers, insurance companies, and others generally do not accept such documents as valid if they are delivered by the person to whom they refer. (See Official Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications ) Release of academic information to others generally requires a written, signed request from the student. (See The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act ).

Students wishing to exercise their right to inspect other academic records (application for admission, correspondence, petitions, academic history card, and transcript information) should call the Registrar's Office to make an appointment. A charge of $.25 per page will be assessed for copies of all or part of the record. Official transcripts of work completed at other institutions and official test score reports must be obtained directly from the issuing authority.


Revised 8-Sep-05

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