Modern East Asian Civilization
                                           History 165, EALC 150

Course Description

Course Focus

This course is intended as an introduction to Modern East Asia and thus does
not presuppose any familiarity with the subject. Beginning with an overview
of the traditional states and peoples of the area in the 17th century and 18th 
centuries, the course surveys the processes of change which engulfed the area
in the 19th an 20th centuries and brought about its modern transformation.
Particular attention is given to the differing Chinese and Japanese responses to
the changes associated with modernity and to the issue of compatibility between
traditional East Asian civilization and "modern" society.


Class sessions alternate between lectures and discussions of the readings and 
other assigned material. Each segment begins with lectures designed to provide 
a broad interpretive framework. Students then consider a range of narrower 
issues that fit within this context through a series of subsequent discussions 
based upon assigned materials. The attached schedule lists the issues and 
materials chosen for this purpose. 

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