Chemistry 104 Assignment 07 Spring 2009–10

Study chapter 7 immediately, with attention to the skills needed for the exercises. Also look ahead to chapter 8 in a timely fashion. Furthermore, look further ahead and help decide which parts of the remaining chapters would be the most rewarding to pursue in class, in groups, and/or individually.

Submit your solutions to the following problems, which are specific exercises from the end of chapter 7 by 1:00 PM, Tuesday, 25 May 2010. You may hand in your work at Science Hall 131, if it is open, or at the faculty mailboxes in Briggs Hall.

  1. Question 7–34
  2. Question 7–36
  3. Question 7–37
  4. Question 7–41
  5. Question 7–49
  6. Question 7–53
  7. Question 7–54
  8. Question 7–59
  9. Question 7–62
  10. Question 7–63

Please show your reasoning and method of stepwise progress toward final answers. Be sure each such exposition makes sense to you.

Note that the final deadline for all written work in this course will be 1:00 PM, Saturday, 05 June 2010.