Chemistry and Environmental Studies 247 Assignment 04 Winter 2010–11

Read (and reread!) the scheduled chapters of the text in order to keep up with class.

Submit your response to three of the queries and problems below by 1:00 PM, Sunday, 05 February 2011. You may hand in your work at Science Hall 131, if it is open, or at the faculty mailboxes in Briggs.

  1. Show that the equation in the middle of page 122 is correct. What is its relationship to a reaction sequence occurring in a mitochondrion?
  2. Find a diagram in another book, journal, or trustworthy academic source that is intended to serve a similar purpose as a diagram in Chapter 4 or Chapter 5. Compare and contrast the two diagrams critically. Explain the importance of the criteria that you have used. Be sure to incorporate in your response all necessary explanations or abbreviations that may be found only in the adjacent text within each source document.
  3. Find something with an environmental relationship that can be associated with one or another topic found in Chapter 4 or Chapter 5. Write up to one page, trying both to convey the importance of the environmental aspect you selected and the fundamental science from the chapter of the text. Come around for consultation if you do not think you can settle upon such a topic.
  4. Select something from the “further reading” at the end of Chapter 4 or Chapter 5. Prepare a self-contained one-page essay that develops one idea, finding, or facet in such a fashion as to ensure that your initial understanding from the chapter has been extended and strengthened.

You should begin to identify the chapter(s) from the latter portion of the book for which you would especially like to develop your major class presentation(s).

Note that the final deadline for all written work in this course will be 1:00 PM, Thursday, 10 March 2010.