Computer Science 440 Assignment 05 Spring 2009–10

Study chapter 5 immediately, with attention to the skills needed for the exercises. Proceed into chapter 6 as soon as possible.

Submit your solutions to the following problems, which are specific exercises from the end of chapter 5, by 1:00 PM, Saturday, 24 April 2010. You may hand in your work at Science Hall 131, if it is open, or at the faculty mailboxes in Briggs Hall.

  1. Exercise 5–4
  2. Exercise 5–8
  3. Exercise 5–10
  4. Exercise 5–16
  5. Exercise 5–19
  6. Exercise 5–21

For work of this sort, some indication of method (not just final result) is appropriate.

As indicated in the tentative schedule for the term, you should pace yourself in doing an individual project by meeting the following milestones:

Day Date Milestone % of project grade
Mon  19 Apr  List of printed and Web sources found 10%
Fri  30 Apr  Outline and proposed length of paper 15%
Sun  16 May  Partial or rough version of paper 20%
Wed  02 Jun  Final version of paper 50%
Optional public presentation

Note that the final deadline for all written work in this course will be 1:00 PM, Saturday, 05 June 2010.