Computer Science 450 Assignment 11 Spring 2010–11

Read (and reread!) the chapters of the text in order to keep up with class.

Submit your solutions to the following problems, which are specific exercises from the end of chapters 15 and 16, by 1:00 PM, Saturday, 28 May 2011. You may hand in your work at Science Hall 131, if it is open, or at the faculty mailboxes in Briggs.

  1. Exercise 15–2 (use exactly 10,000,000 bits/sec for 10 Mbps)
  2. Exercise 15–5
  3. Exercise 16–3 (“it” = data in the block)
  4. Exercise 16–7
  5. Exercise 16–8

For work of this sort, some indication of method (not just final result) is appropriate.

Note that the final deadline for all written work in this course will be 1:00 PM, Saturday, 28 May 2011.