Matthew R. Stoneking


Plasma Physics Links


Background Information on Plasmas and Fusion

*       Plasma Science and Technology

*       Fusion Energy Education Website

*       U. S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences

*       A short biography of General Electric scientist, Irving Langmuir, Nobel laureate (chemistry, 1932) and the father of plasma physics.

*       ... another biography of Langmuir

*       A short biography of Hannes Alfven Nobel laureate (physics, 1970).

*       ... another biography of Alfven.

*       A short bio and photo of the late, Lyman Spitzer, Jr., founder of the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

*       A eulogy commemorating the life of Don Kerst, plasma physicist and inventor of the betatron by J. Clint Sprott.

*       A short biography of Sir Edward Victor Appleton, Nobel laureate (physics, 1947), ionospheric physicist.

Plasma Physics Bibliographies

*       plasma physics texts, seminal papers and review papers

*       papers on the reversed field pinch (RFP)

*       papers on nonneutral plasmas

*       online version of the NRL Plasma Formulary

Plasma Physics Research Programs

*       University of Wisconsin - Madison

*      Physics Department

*      Plasma Physics Group

*      Madison Symmetry Torus Reversed Field Pinch

*      Engineering Physics Department

*      Fusion Techmology Institute

*      Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

*      Engineering Research Center for Plasma Aided Manufacturing

*      Pegasus Spherical Tokamak

*      Electrical and Computer Engineering

*      HSX Torsatron/Stellerator Lab

*       Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

*       West Virginia University

*       Auburn University

*       Columbia University

*       Massachusetts Institute of Technology

*       Alfven Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden

*       Swarthmore College

*       University of Iowa

*       University of California - San Diego

*       University of California - Berkeley