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The title Ancient Winds is derived from the influence earlier music has on the composition.  Much of the time the instrumental groups are treated like consorts playing alternately with each other for the purpose of creating sharp contrasts in timbre.  Juxtaposing the groups also allows for the exploration of sound blends.  Old compositional techniques, such as canons and grounds, are employed and harmony is generated through the use of modes and organuum.  Unity is achieved  through the technique of variation, with the themes and tunes from the various movements formed from a common melodic shape.  The movements are played without pauses to emphasize the thematic connection.  


i.     Prelude 0:00     duration 1:09  (Set of four variations culminating with a mensural canon followed by restatement)
A1 A2 A3 A4 (Canon) A5
0:00 0:13 0:25 0:36 1:00

ii.    Dance I  1:11    duration 1:55    (Seven part rondo)
1:11 1:24 1:36 1:48 2:23 2:37 2:50

iii.    Passacaglia  3:08         duration  2:35    (Eleven cycles, five (forward) - center - five (backwards))
Forward Center Backward
A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1
3:08 3:18 3:28 3:45 4:02 4:15 4:32 4:44 5:00 5:19 5:29

iv.    Canon  5:41       duration1:40    (Nested ternary form)
A (B C B) A
5:41 6:13 6:24 6:35 6:48

v.    Dance II  7:21      duration 4:39    (Eleven part rondo, coda interpolated before abbreviated final appearance of refrain)
A B A C A1 D A1 C A B A (Coda)
7:22 8:13 8:38 8:55 9:02 9:49 9:58 10:14 10:39 11:06 11:44

Total Duration    11:58

Written for Robert Levy and the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble, Recorded at the Conservatory of Music, Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, November 2002, Larry Darling, Recording Engineer.