The Art of Entrepreneurship

The Art of Entrepreneurship is a Lawrence University course that introduces students to entrepreneurship. We define entrepreneurs as change agents. The course is led by Adam Galambos and Gary Vaughan. In 2010, the course focused on entrepreneurship in the arts and on social entrepreneurship. It was co-taught by Professors Rob Neilson, Timothy X. Troy, John Shimon and Julie Lindemann, Dena Skran, and Brian Pertl. In 2012, the course had a music entrepreneurship focus. It was co-taught by Brian Pertl. The course will be next offered in 2013-2014. The goal of this course is to instill in its participants the entrepreneurial mindset and to equip students with the basic skills of entrepreneurship. The course is project-centered: students form teams early in the course, and these teams conceive of, design, and implement innovative ideas. Several successful innovators and entrepreneurs participate in the course as guest experts.

Sample syllabus, Sample schedule

Past guest experts:

Jackie Battenfield David Hawkanson '69 Deb Loewen
Chuck Bauer and Chuck Beckwith David Cutler Marty Ashby
Abir Sen '97 Cynthia Figge '77 Mainul Islam '05
Bob Pedersen Toni Sikes
Examples of past team projects:

Rabbit Gallery: A pop-up gallery in downtown Appleton, WI. More here.
Lawrence Baroque Ensemble: A student-driven ensemble with community outreach activities. More here.
IlLUminate: A student-driven booking agency at the Lawrence Conservatory. More here.
Paper Fox: A print-making workshop with a community programming component. More here.