...In Pursuit of Innovation

In Pursuit of Innovation is a course at Lawrence University, offered yearly since 2008. It is taught by John Brandenberger, Adam Galambos, and Gary Vaughan. It is next offered in Fall 2012 as ECON 211. The goal of this course is to turn its participants into innovators. The course is project-centered: students form teams early in the course, and these teams conceive of, design, and implement innovative ideas. Several successful innovators and entrepreneurs participate in the course as guest experts.

Sample syllabus, Sample schedule, Moodle website (guest access)

Past guest experts:

Mary Ellyn Vicksta '76 John Austin David Duncombe
Dr. Thomas Baer '74 Jeff Lindsay Dale Skran
Dave Mitchell '89 David Shepard '84 Curtis Carlson
Jeffrey Royer '77

Examples of past team projects:

Multivista: A simple device to capture simultaneously images in two or four different directions.
LUeXchange: A website created where Lawrence community members advertised and exchanged items.
Ergodormic desk: A specially designed desk for Lawrence dormrooms.
GrassRoots: A roll-out-and-water garden made of recycled paper that has seeds embedded in it.
Power Luggage: A carry-on luggage that charges your mp3-player as it rolls. along.
Flickey: An innovative system to deliver movies for rental in developing countries.
BETI: A web service for creating innovative projects and teams and implementing projects.