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The best text I've seen to date on how gender influences social interaction...appealing, convincing, and incisive.

Alice H. Eagly, Northwestern University

...a splendidly engaging, highly intelligent review of psychological research on gender. The review is comprehensive, the writing lively, and the insights plentiful. A 'must read' for all students of gender.

Madeline E. Heilman, New York University

An engaging, informative, and broad-ranging text by two scholars who have been leaders in explaining the central paradox of gender relations: pervasive inequality in the apparent absence of malice.

Mary R. Jackman, University of California at Davis

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...reads like no ordinary academic text. Words like ‘wide-ranging,’ ‘respectful,’ ‘scholarly,’ ‘comprehensive,’ and ‘truly ground-breaking’ came to mind.


...simply a tour de force and a “must read” for anyone seriously interested in deepening their understanding of the frustratingly complex issues of prejudice and intergroup conflict in the modern world.

James Sidanius, Hardvard University

This book is an impressive addition to the literature in social psychology...certainly an excellent 'one stop-shop' for mainstream social psychology research on prejudice.

Kenneth McKenzie, Trinity College, Dublin