ENG 150 -- Literary Analysis

Mr. Spurgin, Fall 2004

Attendance and deadlines

My attendance policy is based on the radical assumption that you can’t learn much if you’re not here. I will expect you to be here promptly at 8:30. If you start coming in late, I’ll want to talk to you; and if you continue to come in late, I’ll count late arrivals as absences.

You can miss two classes without penalty. Each additional unexcused absence will lower your final grade by one-third of a letter grade. Unexcused absences are those that haven’t been cleared by the Health Center or the Dean of Student Academic Services.

As you may know, I’m always willing to grant brief extensions. Please don’t ask for an extension on the day the paper is due—that really looks bad. And please know that your request must be accompanied by a proposal for a new deadline, one that will be absolutely binding. If you miss that second deadline, you’ll get an “F” for the assignment.

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