•All Around the World - Frid. Oct. 9, 2009

(From Africa to the Caribbean in one night. A party show-casing music from different genres all over the world)

Kitchen of Flavour - Sat. Nov. 14 2009

(A night of cooking and eating where members of the club prepare cuisines from Africa and the Caribbean to share with everyone)


Inferno - Sat. Jan 30, 2010 

(A flaming hot party where students dance all night to hits songs)

•(Movie) Skin - Sat. Feb 6, 2010

(A movie about the struggles of a girl with dark skin who was born naturally to white parents)

Sak Pase' That's What's Up - Frid. Mar 5, 2010

(A karaoke benefit for Hatai)

Chale! Gimmie The Mic - Mond. May 3, 2010

(A night of Karaoke and fun where anyone can be a star)

Kitchen of Flavour: Indulge your Sweet tooth - Frid. May 14, 2010

(A cultural dessert treat for students created by members of ACC)

J'ouvert, In a Frenzy - Frid.  May 21, 2010

(A traditional paint party/carnival where students paint themselves and dance to music all night)



All Around the World - Sat. Oct 9th, 2010

The party that kicked off the year last year was back again this year. With new ideas and a new theme this one was HOT!!


Karaoke - Wed. Oct 27th, 2010

A karaoke event which raised funds for the Ghana Reads project.


Kitchen of Flavor: Come Quench your Thirst - Sat. Nov 13th, 2010

Another display of great tasting snacks and beverages prepared by the ACC members.



Bake Sale for Haiti - Week of Jan 16th, 2011

A fundraiser for Haiti, to help with their lastest devastation, Cholera. A deadly disease that has already killed many Haitian's. read more


Pan Afro-Caribbean Fest - Fri. Jan 28th, 2011

A Festival involving drumming, dancing, singing, and great food all-in-one night.


Lecture Series: Same Race Different Face - Tue. Feb 22nd, 2011

Understanding Our Similarities, Respecting Our Differences.


Tropical Temptations - Fri. Feb 25th, 2011

A night of hard-core partying in the basement of Sage Hall. Music by the Doctor and D-boy, come enjoy yourself as we help you break the chains of stress from school.


•Acoustic Africa - March 8th, 2011

Boasting the exhilarating musical flavors of the continent as performed by three of its most popular and talented musicians.


•Afro-Caribbean Club Conference at Grinnell - Frid. Apr. 27, 2012

(Members were invited to Grinnell's campus to attend the region-wide Afro-Caribbean Conference.)


•Afro-Caribbean Club Expo - Sun. Apr. 29, 2012

(Enjoy music by live band, booths displayig African and Caribbean culture and help raise funds for the charity, Kids Give.)







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