Our Club

Mission of the Afro-Caribbean Club
The Afro-Caribbean Club serves as an avenue for students of African and Caribbean descent to preserve their heritage, and cultural identity while away from their country. We seek to support and strengthen each other while bringing the warmth of our culture to all interested members of the Lawrence community.



Purpose: To assist students in preserving their African or Caribbean heritage, while educating the Lawrence community about the differences and similarities in the African and West Indian cultures present on campus.


    1. To provide a structure through which training, services and programs can be channeled in the best interests of the African and Caribbean students, and the Lawrence Community.
    2. To enhance and promote the cultural greatness and contributions of the people of African and Caribbean descent; and to improve the general level of understanding within the Lawrence community about the heritage of African and Caribbean students.
    3. To provide a vehicle through which the African and Caribbean students on Lawrence’s campus, can express desires and opinions such that he/she may have a real impact on the course of events.



Membership will be open to all students who are interested in learning, upholding, and uplifting Caribbean and African culture through dialogue, artistic expression, and sharing cultural values. Membership will not be denied to any person on religious, ethnic, or political grounds. As a member, a student has voting rights and becomes eligible for the executive board after an academic year.


General Responsibilities of Members
All members of the ACC must dedicate two hours of community service each term to an organization chosen by the ACC, in collaboration with the volunteer center. Every member should be respectful and mindful of the differences and similarities in opinions. Every idea is taken into consideration and respected. Everyone will uphold a “one Mic” policy – one person speaks at a time and everyone else listens attentively.


General meetings will be held weekly and will include a brief rap session, and discussion of current events in each member’s country as well as discussion of ideas for programs. The meeting will be a medium for the general body to voice their concerns, ideas, and recent changes at Lawrence or in their country that impacts them (in)directly. Meetings will begin with an ice- breaker, in the form of a game or story from one of the countries represented in the ACC.

Board meeting will be held biweekly. All executive board members must attend these meeting. Meeting times will be arranged in accordance with everyone’s schedule during the first two weeks of the term. Changes to the meeting time are not permitted unless there are extreme cases (severe illness or hospitalization). In the case that there is an event in three weeks, then the board will meet weekly. The board meeting will include a debriefing from each officer. Minutes will be taken and sent only to board members