ACC (Afro-Caribbean Club) would like to introduce themselves to the community of Lawrence and Appleton. We make it our point duty to share our various cultures with our fellow students and members of the community as it adds to the diversity of the people. ACC stands on good morals and rules that guides our decisions and our thoughts. We strive to set goals and achieve them, thereby setting a strong foundation for our club.

We also introduce our various ways of relaxation and de-stressing such as cooking and enjoying a nice meal with friends or even partying until the sun comes up. Not only do we enjoy ourselves, but we do it without the influence of any substances which makes our interactions more fun and memorable.

Our members range from Internationals Students to U.S. citizens as anyone who is interested in learning more about our club is welcomed to join. We keep our conversation engaging and open to all ideas. We listen to the opinions of each and every member as we think everyone's opinion is just as important as the rest. Thus, we are able to create a stable and people friendly enviroment where anyone can learn and anyone can teach.



Our club began in the year of 2009, when a few people decided to come together to express an interest they all shared among themselves. They wanted to create a group that would facilitate their culture and lifestyle as well as share it with others so that people might learn more about them and their way of life. By doing this, they would draw closer to eradicating the stereotypes that was present amongst them and lean towards a united way of life.

So on Febuary 24th, 2009, Our past president and one of our founders Kwest-Ann Samuels, backed by then her soon-to-be board and colleagues, created a club that would be able to accomplish all the goals that students with similar interest were seeking. Since that day, the Afro-Caribbean Club has existed as a LUCC student organization and continues to serve the Lawrence community.




Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ 6pm

4th Floor (Runkel Room, Warch Campus Center)