Lambda Sigma Society Chapter By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be the Alpha Pi chapter of Lambda Sigma Society at Lawrence University.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the scholarship and leadership of sophomore students and to provide fellowship and support for its members. It shall also provide an opportunity for those leaders to serve the campus and the community, especially in aiding the transition of the freshman class.


Section 1. Active

Active members, in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article VII, shall be full time students who were selected, who have accepted the responsibilities of membership, and who have been initiated into the society. Active members shall serve until the next school year.

Section 2. Alumni

Alumni members shall be students who have completed their year of service as active members of Lambda Sigma Society. Alumni shall have all the privileges of membership except voting. Alumni may be excluded from any specific activity of the chapter by quorum vote, but they should be encouraged to participate.

Section 3. Honorary

Honorary members shall be approved for membership by a quorum vote of the chapter with the support of the advisor(s) and with approval from the Lambda Sigma National Board (see National By-Laws, Art. 1, Sec. 17). They shall exemplify the ideals of the organization and will have a voice but not a vote in the proceedings of the chapter.

Section 4. Attendance Policy

Subsection A. General Meetings

Each member is allowed one excused absence per term with no penalty provided they contact the Standards Chair and the Recording Secretary by 5:00pm on the day of the meeting. If contact is not made by 5:00pm, then the absence will count as unexcused.

For all other absences, there will be a penalty.

For an excused absence, the member must notify the Standards Chair and the Recording Secretary by 5:00pm on the day of the meeting. Absences can be excused for health purposes and required events related to music, sports, and academics. If a member has a recurring conflict with the general meeting time, they must contact the Standards Chair as soon as possible. For each excused absence, the member will be required to complete one half-hour of work for Lambda Sigma (i.e. putting up posters for an event, shopping for the group, etc.). The work for Lambda Sigma will not count toward the required service hour total and it is the member’s responsibility to get work from any committee chair or officer.

For all unexcused absences, one hour of service will be added to the required total for that member.

Subsection B. Committee Meetings

If a member must miss a committee meeting it is their responsibility to contact their committee chair. Penalties are at the discretion of the committee chair.

Subsection C. Event Commitments

As per Article VI, the Service, Social, and Fundraising Committees will be putting on mandatory events each term. Every member must participate in each of these mandatory events in some way. If the event is service oriented, the hours spent on it may count toward the service hour requirement. All members will sign-up for specific tasks for each event. If a member signs up for an event commitment but does not show up, one hour of service will be added to their required total. If the member notifies the Lambda Sigma member coordinating the event at least two days in advance and signs up to help out in another way, then no service hours will be added.

Section 5. Service Requirements

Every member is required to complete a total of thirty service hours by the end of the school year. A minimum of fifteen of those hours must be completed through Lambda Sigma: in an event the chapter sponsors or endorses or that the chapter decides to attach its name to. The rest of the hours may be completed through individual service.

At the end of Term I, every member must have completed a minimum of seven hours of service of any kind. At the end of Term II, fifteen hours must have been completed. At the end of Term III, every member must have completed a minimum of their required thirty hours and any service hours they may have accrued throughout the year. Any hours completed over Winter Break will be applied to Term II and any hours completed over Spring Break will be applied to Term III.

If at the end of Terms I or II a member has not reached their minimum service requirements, the member must go before the Standards and Executive Committees and prove that they have a plan to complete their hours. If a member fails to do this, they face expulsion from the group.

If a member has not reached their total required hours by the end of Term III, the member faces expulsion from Lambda Sigma and their name may be taken off the national Lambda Sigma roster.

Section 6. Resignation

Any member who wishes to resign from the society must present a written statement of his/her resignation to the chapter.


Section 1. Chapter Officers

The officers shall be as follows: the President, the Vice-President, the Recording Secretary, the Reporting Secretary, and the Treasurer. Other officers may be elected or appointed as the chapter deems necessary.

Section 2. Election of Chapter Officers

Officers shall be nominated at a meeting of the neophytes and the neophytes shall vote for nominees. The nominees receiving a majority of the votes shall assume their respective offices. Outgoing members shall assist with this process.

Section 3. Vacancies

Vacancies in office shall be filled by the nomination and vote of a quorum of active members.


Section 1. Elected Officers

The President shall conduct all meetings and shall represent the society at necessary functions on and off campus. The President shall also oversee the completion of all year-end reports required by the Lambda Sigma National Board.

The Vice-President shall assume Presidential responsibilities in the event of the President’s absence and shall be the chapter webmaster.

The Recording Secretary shall record all meeting minutes and send them to members promptly.

The Reporting Secretary shall process all correspondence on behalf of the chapter and with the National Board and shall submit an article to the Diamond each term.

The Treasurer shall record all group finances, manage the account through the Lawrence University Business Office, and file a budget, if necessary, to the Lawrence University Community Council, developed in cooperation with other officers and approved by a quorum vote of the chapter.

Section 2. Executive Committee

The elected officers, committee chairs, and the chapter advisor(s) shall constitute the Executive Committee. This committee shall work with incoming officers and members to ensure a smooth transition from one year to the next.


The standing committees shall be as follows: Executive, Fundraising, Selection, Service, Social, Publicity, Historical, and Standards. Each committee shall keep a record of its activities.

Executive: This committee shall provide organization for the execution of the goals of the chapter. This committee will act as a sounding board for the President and shall assist in decision making. This committee shall be composed of all officers and committee chairs.

Fundraising: This committee shall organize one major fundraiser per year where all proceeds go to charity. It will also organize at least one major, mandatory fundraiser per term, one of which may be the charity fundraiser.

Selection: This committee shall coordinate all activities of the selection process as outlined in Art. VII.

Service: This committee shall organize one large, mandatory group project per term in which every member must participate in some way. This committee will maintain contact with the Lawrence University Volunteer and Community Service Center. The service committee shall provide various volunteer opportunities for the chapter throughout the year and will try to maintain an ongoing service project from year to year.

Social: This committee shall organize at least one major, mandatory social activity per term. This committee is also in charge of group morale and will encourage alumni involvement in Lambda Sigma events.

Publicity: This committee shall work with committee heads to promote Lambda Sigma activities in both the Lawrence and Appleton communities. This committee will submit at least one article per term to the Lawrentian describing Lambda Sigma affairs.

Chapter Historian(s): The Historian(s) shall document Lambda Sigma activities throughout the year and shall add this to the chapter’s scrapbook. The Historian(s) shall work with the Treasurer to determine a budget for this area.

Standards: This committee shall consist of members of the organization, excluding Executive Committee members. Its purpose is to regulate and develop standards within the organization. It shall meet at least once a term or as necessary. The Standards Committee shall keep track of all individual service hours and attendance records and notifies members if they are not meeting Lambda Sigma expectations. This committee shall present all proposed standards to the large group for approval by a quorum vote.


Section 1. Qualifications

Eligible candidates for membership will have completed two terms at Lawrence University, be ranked in the top thirty percent of the freshman class, have a grade point average not less than 3.0, and have sophomore standing in the fall of their membership year.

Section 2. Application Process

Eligible students will be invited in writing to participate in the selection process as established by the Selection Committee. Applications shall be evaluated utilizing a point system based on leadership, scholarship, and service. Evidence of leadership shall consist of past and present participation in extra-curricular activities. Scholarship shall be based on cumulative grade point average in addition to any scholastic awards received. Service shall be based on past and present participation in service organizations and/or projects. All applicants will be interviewed.

Section 3. Interview Process

Applicants shall be interviewed by a selection committee composed of current members. Candidates shall be rated on the following: leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

Section 4. Transition

The current members of Lambda Sigma shall make an effort to acquaint the incoming members with the responsibilities of the chapter and to feel comfortable with the proceedings of the organization. They shall also provide opportunities for the new members to get to know the current members and one another.


Section 1. Rules of Order

In formal meetings, voting shall occur on issues that pertain to the group as a whole. An anonymous vote will occur at members’ request.

Section 2. Quorum

A two-thirds majority of the active members shall constitute a quorum for chapter meetings. A two-thirds majority of the present members shall constitute a quorum for committee meetings. A quorum is required to vote on some issues.

Section 3. Number of Meetings

The chapter shall meet every week with the exception of finals week. All committees will meet outside the chapter meetings as they deem necessary. A chapter meeting may be cancelled at the discretion of the President and committee meetings may be cancelled at the discretion of the chair.


Section 1. Faculty Advisors

There shall be at least one faculty advisor for the chapter. Each fall term the active members can nominate and choose the advisor(s). They may elect to invite the current advisor(s) to serve for another year.

Section 2. Alumni Advisors

There shall be two junior advisors elected by the outgoing members during the spring term of their membership. The junior advisors shall assist with the transition of new members and will attend meetings as necessary. If the group deems it necessary, they may also elect a senior advisor.


Section 1. National Dues

National dues shall be paid by each neophyte after acceptance and before initiation.

Section 2. Chapter Dues

Chapter dues shall be assessed as the chapter deems necessary. They may be paid when the national dues are paid.


The Executive Committee shall have the power to change the by-laws as they deem necessary. Any active member may propose an amendment at any time. Proposed amendments must be approved by a quorum vote.