Lambda Sigma Minutes
November 21, 1999; 7PM Sage

Absent:  Beth Achille, Crystal Chan, Bobbie Kelly, Ed Maxwell, Catherine
Ptaschinski, Ali Swisher, Nicholas Towns

Old Business
Secretaryıs Report

Treasurerıs Report
-around $1019
-turn in receipts to David

New Business
Committee Reports
-there will not be a Christmas party
-Birthday party on November 22 from 9-10:30PM in Plantz basement
-picked names for Secret Santas
-$5 spending limit
-give gift sometime between 10th week and finals

-thank you to those who helped with faculty babysitting
-passed around a list of reported service hours
-service opportunities
-Lantern Christmas Party-Tuesday, November 30, 6:45-8:45PM, Sage basement.
Call Megan C. at the Volunteer Center.
-Housing Partnership-Saturday, December 4, 7:45AM-12PM.  Call Beth at x7421.
-Appleton Arts Center-call to find out possible opportunities
-Faculty Babysitting-Friday, December 10, 3:45-6:30PM.  Please help, no one
has signed up yet.  Call Megan C.
-Geometry tutor needed for Term 2, once a week.  Call Jenni.
-Relay for Life-need captain and team members.  Call Megan C. ASAP if
interested and didnıt already sign up.

-no new business

-no new business

Spring Break
-sent e-mails with details concerning the trip
-signed up for the trip

-made $25-30 from breakfast sale, broke even at Colman and made all of our
profits from the sales to the faculty and business offices
-no more breakfast sales this term
-future sales will not include Colman
-will have a pizza sale 10th week
-signed up for various jobs
-term 2 fundraising plans
-carnation sale
-data match
-3 pizza sales, 3 breakfast sales

-discussion of attendance policy

Meetings next term will be on alternating Sundays at 7PM in the Sage lounge.
Plan your schedules around this meeting time.