Small Group Bible Studies

All students are welcome to take part in a residence-based Bible study group, even those who are not Christian. We welcome everyone to come check us out and ask questions. In addition to talking about a passage from the Bible, we talk about how we're doing, pray, and have snacks. :) If you can't go to the group for your residence, no worries - you're welcome to join whichever one is best for your schedule.

Kohler/Plantz Small Group: Mondays at 8:30pm with Marshall Cuffe and Jesse Peterson in Kohler 1st floor lounge

Ormbsy/Colman/Brokaw/Hiett Small Group: Mondays at 8:30pm with Joia Miller in Ormsby 1st floor lounge

Sage/Trever/Exec houses/Quad SG: Mondays at 9pm with Jon Jones and Alex Rolfe in the campus center 3rd flool lounge

Spiritual Disciplines study: Saturdays at 7pm with Dominique Goldson and Alexis VanZalen in Kohler 1st floor lounge

The leaders would love to talk about their groups! Please contact them.