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Crop Walks raise money for both new and on-going projects every year. Recently, money raised from Crop Walks have provided building supplies to returning Rwandans so that they can rebuild their lives and homes. It also continues to assist the survivors of the December 2004 tsunami disaster, as well as the survivors of the recent hurricane Katrina.  Crop Walks’ funds continue to help people in Haiti, whose houses and lives have been uprooted due to the Tropical Storm Jeanne and the resulting extreme drought. Raising money to eradicate hunger is especially important this year because of the millions of people facing a catastrophic food shortage in Niger. These examples only touch on the number of people’s lives that will be saved and the amount of hope brought to different parts of the world due to generous donations to Crop Walkers, by people like you.


Past Successes:

Crop Walk 2007

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Crop Walk 2006

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Crop Walk 2005

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