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The Feinstein Challenge is a national food and fundraising drive that will collect over 3 million food items/dollars to benefit hunger relief agencies in communities across the country. For the past eight years, the Feinstein Foundation has pledged $1 million to be distributed among hunger relief agencies that organize food and fundraising drives during the months of March and April. Each agency receives a portion of the $1 million based on the amount of food and money it collects during this time period in ratio to the total amount of food and money raised nationwide. In other words, the more food and money an agency raises, the more money it will receive from the Feinstein Challenge. This is a great fundraising opportunity and incentive, as many agencies have said that featuring the Feinstein Challenge in their mailings and telephone solicitations has increased their donations two or three times their usual returns!

This year, the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness (a national non-profit organization) has teamed up with the Feinstein Foundation to work with colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to host food drives and fundraisers to support hunger relief agencies. With just a little work, we can all help to end hunger in our communities using this great fundraising opportunity and incentive. The Feinstein Foundation is providing the money and motivation, the National Student Campaign is providing the network and materials, and local schools and agencies are providing the volunteers, ideas, and action!


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