Kids Give Community Outreach Program

What is the connection to Sierra Leone?
Lawrence University’s Associate Professor of Government, Claudena Skran, received a Fulbright Fellowship to study in Sierra Leone in the fall of 2005. She has since been giving presentations in the Appleton Community about her experiences in Sierra Leone. Professor Skran has traveled back to Sierra Leone a number of times in recent years and has formed partnerships with schools in the area. Numerous fundraisers have helped provide school supplies and educational scholarships for the children of Sierra Leone who have few resources and are unable to afford school fees.

What is education like in Sierra Leone?

-Classrooms are small, teachers are few, and there is a lack of light and resources for the children.
- The children want to learn and study hard with the little that they have.
- The dedicated teachers and community support has helped make schools in the area successful.
- There are many children (including orphans and once-child soldiers) who cannot pay for school.

How can you help?

It costs only $15.00 to send one child to school for a semester (or $30.00 for the year).
Many parents cannot afford this small fee and the students have few materials to use in the classroom.
You can donate to the Sierra Leone Child Scholarhip Fund and help a child receive an education.

For more information see our Comforti School Donation Request letter from May 2007.

You can be sure that your donation will be especially appreciated and will go directly to the children with no overhead costs and very little administrative costs.

To make a donation, contact Professor Skran: or call (920) 832-6674
If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser or the work that Professor Skran does, please feel free to contact her.



SWAHP's Involvement
What do SWAHP members do?
SWAHP members volunteer to help Professor Skran with the presentations she gives in local schools about how the children in Sierra Leone experience school. SWAHP members have also engaged the elementary and middle school students in discussion about fundraising and goal setting to help the schools have a successful fundraiser.

at a camp retreat for Edison Elementary 6th Graders.

SWAHP member Samantha Gibb '08 and Professor Skran (far left) leading a discussion on fundraising and goal setting for the Edison Elementary 6th graders.


Past Successes:

Jan-May 2006
Donations organized by Professor Claudena Skran paid for 13 students to have full scholarships for the 2006-2007 school year and 7 students to have half-year scholarships at Comforti School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

May 2007
Through a letter campaign SWAHP raised enough money to provide all 20 students at Comforti School with full scholarships for the 2007-2008 school year.

Dec 2007
At SWAHP’s Alternative Giving Fair, Professor Skran raised over $1200 for Educational Scholarships for children in Sierra Leone schools.

Feb 2008
Wilson Middle School participated in the first Kids Give Community Outreach Program and raised $2340 and 40 pencil cases filled with school materials.

May 2008
Edison Elementary participated in the Kids Give Community Outreach Program.