LU trivia contest is 10

The Appleton Post-Crescent, February 4, 1975.

LU trivia contest is 10

Short hair, long hair, bobby socks, no socks (or anything else for streakers)….fads come and go on college campuses with predictable regularity.

At Lawrence University, however, there’s one campus craze which has “graduated” into an institution that looks as healthy as ever on its 10th anniversary.

The 10th Annual Midwest Championship Trivia Contest, one of the oldest of its ilk in the country, will once again capture the hearts and minds of both Lawrentians and community residents for nearly 50 straight hours from 10:30 p.m. Friday to midnight Sunday.

During those hours, WLFM (91.1 F.M.), the university’s radio station, will broadcast as many as 600 questions testing listeners’ recall of minutiae about earth-shaking subjects such as old television, radio, movies, comic books and rock and roll.

Competition in the trivia contest is open to both on-and-off-campus teams, bearing names ranging from Lizard to Monty Python (last year’s two winners) to Farmers of the Ukraine to a few with suggestive double entendres.

Questions are asked between musical selections, and listeners usually have to call in the correct answer before the next song ends. Depending on the degree of triviality, questions have point values of five to one hundred points (a “super-garruda” question).

During the last two years, WLFM has received an average of about 20,000 calls per contest from serious competitors, dilettantes and other insomniacs. The station occasionally stops questions for a period of time in order to relieve the strain on the area’s phone circuits.

Prizes are keeping with the spirit of the contest. Last year’s awards included a 25-pound sack of dog food, a plumber’s helper ("suitable for unclogging minds stopped up with playing trivia.")