Midwest Trivia Contest begins

The Appleton Post-Crescent, February 6, 1976.

Midwest Trivia Contest begins

The 11th annual Midwest Trivia Contest will begin at 10 p.m. today and continue until midnight Sunday on the Lawrence University radio station, WLFM, 91.1 FM.

During the 50 hours of continuous broadcasting, WLFM announcers might ask when National Pea Soup Week is, what Batman’s license plate number is or who played the role of Timmy in the original “Lassie” TV series.

Participants in the contest have until the end of the next record, normally three to four minutes, to call in the correct answer to the question.

Points are awarded for correct answers, and the team still functioning at the end with the most points is the trivia champion. Prizes, suitable to a trivia contest, are awarded to top teams from the community and the campus.

A special feature of the trivia contest is the jeopardy section. During jeopardy, a team may wager any number of points up to the announced limit. If the question is answered correctly, the team is awarded the points wagered. However, if an incorrect answer is given, the points are deducted.

Jeopardy-1976 is scheduled from p.m. Sunday. Teams will have from 4:30-5:30 p.m. to give Trivia Central a four-letter code name for their teams to prevent cross wagering.

Off-campus teams are to participate only through the off-campus telephone number, 731-9227.

Larry E. Page, director of broadcasting, will oversee all operations.