Bank of Kaukauna, Bucky's retain LU trivia titles

The Appleton Post-Crescent, Jan 28, 2008.

APPLETON — The Bank of Kaukauna racked up its eighth consecutive off-campus title over the weekend in Lawrence University's 43rd Great Midwest Trivia Contest.

With 1,325 points, The Bank finished comfortably ahead of runner-up Six Feet Under, which tallied 1,210 points. Subprime Iowans was third with 1,160 points.

The win was the 10th in the past 12 years for the Kaukauna-based team, which received a broken telephone signed by all the trivia masters as a first-place prize.

Bucky's made it six straight wins among on-campus student teams, edging Morgan Freeman and the North Side, 1,168-1,113. Finishing third on campus was 1972 Soviet Baskyetbol with 1,029 points. Bucky's was awarded a Batman stocking for its win.

A total of 366 questions were asked during the 50-hour contest that ended at midnight Sunday. Twelve on-campus and 72 off-campus teams participated during the weekend.

No team was able to answer this year's "Super Garruda," the contest's final question, which asked: "In the 'Citadel of Opportunity' section of 'An Invitation to the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the XIX Olympiad at Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.,' there is a photograph of a girl wearing a sign around her neck. This sign bears the name of what notable figure?" The answer was Josephine Baker.