Off-campus champs in Lawrence University's 45th annual Great Midwest Trivia contest win by one question

The Appleton Post-Crescent, February 1, 2010.

APPLETON — A single question was the difference between first and second place off-campus finishers in Lawrence University’s 45th annual Great Midwest Trivia contest held over the weekend.

It was the closest finish since the 1986.

The contest wrapped up just after midnight this morning.

The off-campus team called The Bank of Kaukauna won its 10th straight title, beating the Trivia Pirates Arrgh by one question, or five points, in a 1,325 to 1,320 finish.

Last year, the Bank beat the Pirates by 15 points.

Six Feet Under placed third off-campus with 1,190 points. A total of 66 off-campus teams were registered.

On campus, the winner was The Lawrence Undead: Alumni with Nothing Else to Do with 1,171 points. It ended the eight-year winning streak for Bucky’s Banastitudinal Bicorn Bibliognostic Beadsmen, which had 1,108 points. Third place went to the Super Mega Soviet Gang Bang Dream Team, with 1,032 points.

A total of 14 teams played on campus.

The Bank of Kaukauna received a smashed trophy. The Lawrence Undead was awarded a hand-made Batman utility belt.

No team answered this year’s “Super Garruda,” the contest’s final and most difficult question for 100 points. It read, “On the plaque for the ‘Walt Haag Memorial Broken Propeller Award,’ who is listed as the recipient for 2002?”

The answer: “Not Me.”

That question will be the first question read in next year’s contest.