Numbers you need to know:

Grand Master Phone Line: (920) 419-TRIV

Complaint Phone Line: (920) 419-6658

On-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7140

Off-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7148

*Please find the numbers for On- and Off-Campus registration below, in the "Trivia XLVII - Registration, T-shirts, etc." section. :)

Trivia Blog

Throughout Trivia XLVIII updates will be posted at our blog. This website will be updated throughout the contest. Look to the blog for information such as scores and the complaint line phone number. There may also be additional updates on the WLFM homepagepage at

Alumni Hour

Alumni Hour will be on January 25th (Saturday) at 1:00 pm. All alumni are encouraged to participate, so stop by the radio station to read questions!

Trivia XLVIII - Registration, T-shirts, etc.

Trivia XLVIII will take place from Friday, January 24th to Sunday, January 26th, 2013.

Official registration will take place from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm on the first day of the contest (Friday, January 25th). Latecomers can register throughout the contest, but will be at a disadvantage, point-wise. To register, first connect to the WLFM webcast. Simply click on "connect" link at the WLFM homepage to tune in. While a broadband connection is recommended, dial-up users will be able to listen in to the contest. The stream should be available from the website without any additional software. Lawrence University

During the contest we ask that no more than one computer per household (or per team) connect at one time. This will help reduce congestion and hopefully improve everyone's ability to tune in.

After connecting, call in to your respective phone line. For both registration and answers, off-campus teams will call (920) 832-7148 and on-campus teams will call (920) 832-7140 (aka x7140).

Upon registration we will ask for your team name, the name of a contact person, a phone number where we can reach you, an email address where we can reach you, and your location. We will also ask you to estimate the number of players who will play for your team, in order to gauge overall participation in the contest. We may also ask you to help us test the length of your delay. At this time we will also assign you a team number that will be used throughout the contest. During this time, we will also ask you to agree to a specific blocks of time during the contest, during which you guarantee you will have phone answerers at the station.

Teams should use the registration period to find out if they have a significant delay in their signal.  To do this, we will broadcast the time using the US atomic clock during registration, and you can see if there's a significant difference by the time you receive the signal. We will record teams with extreme delays, and work with them as we see fit. 

Trivia T-shirts will be available in Adult S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The cost will be $10 per shirt, no matter the size, with no discount for group orders. Shirts will bear the logo of the XLVII contest. They can be bought throughout the contest at the radio station, up to the final ceremony.

Also, the shirts can be ordered through the Grand Master, if the total for the shirts (plus S&H) is sent via mail. Please contact for further details.