Our Venerable Trivia History

For a year-by-year breakdown of past Super Garudas, winners, and Grand Masters, take a look at our near-comprehensive list.

The first trivia contest, billed as a response to a now-defunct Lawrence event known as "Encampment," was held April 29th, 1966. Students listening in to WLFM-AM were invited to call in that weekend to answer trivia questions in between songs. More than 10,000 calls were made to the station.

J.B. deRosset, the mastermind behind that weekend, was Lawrence University's first trivia master. The contest remains an exclusively student-run affair.

The next year, the "Second Annual Great Midwestern Trivia Contest" allowed Appleton residents on off-campus teams to compete in a separate bracket. In 1973 the contest was moved to coincide with Lawrence's otherwise depressing Winter Term. Other years saw the introduction of the action question and the Super Garuda, and a slight name-change for the contest.

Over the years, numerous publications have written about Trivia, including Playboy, Insight, and most of the papers in Wisconsin. Not to mention The Lawrentian, which has been there from the very beginning. We've created full-text facsimiles of some of those articles on our "news" page.

(Trivia is indebted to Jim Froeming's Trivia Asylum and the Scarlet Armadillo's Lawrence Trivia website for much of the information available on our site.)
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