Trivia Takes Control for Campus Contest

The Lawrentian, May 7, 1966.

What was the name of the snake in the Humphrey Bogart picture "We're Not Angels"? Can you name eight characters from Howdy Doody? Where did our gal Sunday live?

If you can answer the above questions you qualify as a truly trivial person and should have participated (if you didn't) in WLFM-AM's marathon trivia contest last weekend.

Beginning Friday night, the closed-circuit radio system of WLFM-AM began broadcasting its standard fare of rock and roll to the dormitories, but before every song a trivial question on the order of "Who starred in 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon'?" was asked.

All dormitories which called in the correct answer to the question while the record played were awarded "trivia points" in the competition to establish the most trivial dorm on campus.

Between Friday night and Sunday night four hundred and seven questions were asked during twenty-nine hours of rock and roll broadcasting. The contest turned out to be a very tight race between Plantz and Brokaw dormitories.

The fight went down to the wire on Sunday night when Plantz fought down the last Brokaw drive and with the question "What is the phone number of the New York theater where the widow of Humphrey Bogart is currently appearing?" (four dorms answered correctly in three minutes or less) the contest came to an end with Plantz the winner.

During the course of the contest the radio station received between seven and ten thousand phone calls in response to the trivia. Master of trivia J. B. deRosset told the Lawrentian that the contest was instituted as a response to Encampment.

The overwhelming success of the contest has caused the station to begin planning for another trivia marathon next year during Encampment weekend. They are considering asking for petitions from students who wish to remain on campus.