Turning Thoughts to Trifles WLFM Readies for Trivia

The Lawrentian, May 3, 1968.

As WLFM's Master of Trivia, J. B. DeRosset once said, "The mind of every human being is a virtually untapped source of trivial knowledge." WLFM is once again striving to prove this true when on May 3-5 (Encampment weekend) the student owned and operated FM station will spend fifty hours asking the most trivial of questions.

Judging from last year's response and the increased publicity this year, Trivia should be the greatest event since Liberace left Menasha (keep that in mind; it could be useful).

For those unfamiliar with Trivia contests, here are a few helpful rules of play: A question is asked every three minutes, 24 hours a day. The contestant has those three minutes to answer the question.

If he gives the right answer a specified number of points will be attributed to his dorm, house, or whatever he represents. At the end of the contest period (12:45 a.m., Monday, May 6) prizes will be awarded to the group with the most points.

For those of you wary of FM programming rest assured that from 10:30 p.m. until 2:15 p.m. during the contest period the programming will be the sounds of today's rock 'n' roll 'n' soul. Because of the great number of phone calls the station gets during the 50 hours of Trivia, WLFM needs 4-5 phone secretaries (male or female) to answer the phone calls.

If you have any desire to participate in trivia in a way other than answering the questions, sign up for phone shifts. Just call, write, or stop in at the studios; there is a sign up sheet just inside the studio door. Women will be given permission to stay out after hours, but they should sign up soon so that the names can be given to the dean.

Trivia was founded and first heard on WLFM-AM in the spring of 1966. It was expanded to the greater Appleton are on WLFM in 1967. It was founded by "The First Master of Trivia" J. B. DeRosset. It is the program which asks the questions like "What was the first hit of the Beau Brummels" and "Scotch Tape brought you this early TV Panel show featuring children... name the show."

Even if you don't know the answers to these questions you are certain to know the answers to many others. There will be 2,000 questions, so start digging back into the trivial areas of your minds.