Fijis Reap Rewards of 'Trivial' Wisdom

The Lawrentian, May 10, 1968.

Last weekend's WLFM sponsored "Trivia" contest was apparently considered a success by both participants and staff members, one of whom stated, "Yes, WLFM is getting more and more trivia all the time!"

The Fijis triumphed over other campus contestants, in which were included such groups as the Virgins Merry, the Knights of Alcohol, the Senior-Junior Woodchucks, and the Pink Toilet. The Fijis were followed by the Jefferson Drum, the Phi Taus, and the Sig Eps, according to Bill Beuscher, program manager.

Off-campus winner was Cress House, a group from the Institute of Paper Chemistry. Taking second place were the Album Covers, and third went to Appleton West.

The Fijis received a large wedding cake for their efforts. Special WLFM trivia awards went to various contestants, including the Pink Toilet, most original name; Jack, favorite person on-campus; Mike of Little Chute, a 12 year old boy, favorite person off-campus; Cress House, favorite group off-campus, and Jefferson Drum, most obnoxious.

Rick Walsh was official master of trivia.