WLFM announces trivia contest winners

The Lawrentian, May 21, 1971.

The WLFM Trivia contest of 1971 help last weekend proved to be a special challenge to the academicians both here on campus and off. While there were 15 participants for both the off-campus and on-campus categories, scores ranged from (off-campus) Philboid Studge's 2,890, to Johnny Joe's Jumpies Jollies 145, tied with Tom & Dave & John, 745. On-campus scored were substantially higher with Gorilla Rabbit taking the show with 3,955 and Blanche Cleaning Lady playing low man with 540 points.

First prize on-campus, which went to Gorilla Rabbit, was an attractive black furry shag rug in the shape of a right foot which says "WLFM Trivia 1971" on the back of it, suitable for stepping on when you get out of the shower, get out of bed, or whenever you just feel like stepping on something. First prize off-campus, which went to Philboid Studge, was an attractive bird bath, which has "WLFM Trivia 1971" pointed on it for all the birds to see.

Second prize on-campus, taken by Guido, was a handsome plastic orange canoe paddle with (you know what) painted on it, suitable for paddling a plastic orange canoe down the Fox River. Monkey Demon, taking second prize, off-campus, received an official-looking yield sign, made out of sturdy cardboard, with WLFM Trivia 1971" smudged across the top. Third prize for on and off-campus was respectively a handy toilet plunger with WLFM painted on various parts of it, and suitable for cleaning ears or pulling dents out of your automobile, and a collection of five monaural Nancy Sinatra records, neatly bound together with package string, and which can be used as Frisbees, ash trays, pizza platters, or hub caps.

The booby prize, which went to Sky King, was a beautiful 36 "B" padded bra, tailored in the Philippines for maximum comfort and freedom, for that "Is it really me" look painted with WLFM in prominent places, also suitable for freezing cantaloupes, for use as oversized ear-warmers, or for carrying two flags in a parade.

Best-loved contestant prize went to John Doe... a bag of several hundred "Try a Little Kindness" Buttons.

To get an idea of what the contest was like, one can refer to some of the more provocative questions asked. For 5 points, how tall is Duane Eddy? Double that by answering how Groucho Marx got his start in show business. Fifteen pointers would include questions of "What was the name of Amos and Andy's taxi cab company?" and "What French poet's mother kept her three still-born infants pickled in bottles?" For a big 50, one would have to know what Turkish wrestler wore his money-belt in the ring.

On Monday, May 17, after the Trivia Contest, Mr. Joseph A. Boisse, assistant librarian, noted that almost 40 reference books, which had disappeared mysteriously over the weekend, were returned in the book deposits. Titles include Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Who Was Who 1951-1960, Handy Book of Curious Information, Brewer's the Historic notebook with an appendix of battles, and many others.