Trivia, Trivia, Weekend of Trivia, but It’s All Fun

The Appleton Post-Crescent, May 5, 1972.

The now famous (or infamous) annual Midwest Trivia contest of Lawrence Radio WLFM starts at 10:30 tonight and goes to midnight Sunday under the leadership of Triviamaster Tony Welhouse, Kaukauna junior.

This is the seventh year the Trivia contest has been held with each year bringing more listeners, according to Welhouse. He says that the trivia questions this year will be more the type of information that has to be remembered outright because they are difficult to find printed anywhere.

The categories, as usual, will include all sorts of subjects such as classical music, comic books and their characters, old movies, new movies, rock music, sports questions, historical and television personalities and programs.

“The Evil Masters of Trivia will bombard listeners with questions on the most trivial facts known to man,” explains Welhouse, who has his under-trivia masters all selected for the purpose of spelling each other off during the long weekend.

The teams listening in simply call the station (739-3681) and report the answer. If they are correct, they get points.

“The usual fantastic trivial prizes will go to those unlucky enough to win,” the Master of Trivia announced, explaining that there will be three prizes for the same number of top teams both on and off campus. There may even be some special awards to teams deemed worthy of any honor, he said.