Trivial comings and goings amuse Larrys, townies

The Lawrentian, February 20, 1976.

Well, the 11th year of Trivia has come and gone, and once again, the Phi Taus, alias Moonbase Rutabaga, took the salt. However, the highlight of the 50 hours of madness came Sunday evening after nearly a half hour of Jeopardy, when the score of front running Baba Ram Dass and the Main Hall Ascetics was zeroed for cheating; a first in the history of Trivia.

Trivia '76 began precisely at 10 pm Friday, and before long Moonbase and Baba Ram Dass were fighting neck and neck for the lead in the contest. Meanwhile, some of the grand old names of Trivia, Lizzard Rex, Tuna Tower, and Angelo Mysterioso, were struggling to keep peace.

The real mystery, though, was Baba Ram Dass. No one could figure out who they were or where they were phoning answers from on-campus. WLFM sent out repeated messages for these Ascetics to identify themselves. Spies flocked to the campus, but the underground failed to turn up any clues as to the identity of Baba Ram Dass. Unconfirmed reports had the Ascetics operating out of the weight room of Alexander Gym.

Even more puzzling than the identity of Baba Ram Dass was their uncanny ability to come up with answers almost at will. For hours at a time, Baba Ram Dass just could not miss a question. Then they were silent. But within a couple of hours they were back again, dominating the on-campus phone lines. While some insisted that Baba Ram Dass was an elite group of the faculty who were trying to spoil Trivia for the students, most weary-eyed trivia players merely moaned, "Who are these guys and what do they want?"

As the contest progressed, it became apparent that Baba Ram Dass was not playing within the rules of Trivia. One question early Sunday morning asked for the definition of some word. But the word was so poorly pronounced over the air that the question was ultimately thrown out. Yet, irregardless of pronunciation, Baba Ram Dass was the only on-campus team to get the right answer. Then, later, Baba Ram Dass was the only team to identify the five guitarists and did so in the order in which the tapes were played.

Finally, the trivia masters decided they had had enough of Baba Ram Dass. The Serbian Army was reinstated, St. Tuchulus got the tree sap boiling and the Ascetics were given a big fat zero. Well, who were these guys? They were the Trivia Masters, who else. In a strange story that still remains largely unclear, the Trivia Masters created their own team to keep people on campus on their toes.

Another first for Trivia was Bill Shaw, '78. Bill was the first person to publicly stay up the full 50 hours answering phones and keeping score. He is a Phi Tau pledge and his activating dare was to participate the entire 50 hours. Bill was doing fine until he swallowed a phone late Sunday evening. Though he has recovered somewhat from the incident, well-wishers are asked not to call.

Finally, Stan Cola was offered for the first time in 50 pound throw-away lead cans. If you like the taste of Mercury in your tuna fish sandwiches, you'll just die over Stan Cola in the lead cans. Also, just when you thought trivia T-shirts were getting trivial, Larry page informs us that he has a whole batch of Trivia T-shirts and the price is still $2.50. Better hurry before Larry eats them all himself.