LU airwaves to be filled with trivia

The Appleton Post-Crescent, January 30, 1981.

When President Carter collapsed from exhaustion in the 10-kilometer race over theCatoctin Mountain Trail, what was his entry number?

Give the full name of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

On Sept. 28, 1913, the Milwaukee Brewers won the American Association pennant by defeating the Louisville Colonels. What was the final score and who was the winning pitcher?

What was the name of the Partridge family’s dog?

If you know the answers to questions like those – or if you know where to find them – you are a candidate to play in the 16th Annual Midwest Trivia Contest this weekend.

Beginning at 10 p.m. today, trivial questions will be asked on Lawrence University’s radio station, WLFM, 91.1 FM. Records are played between questions, giving contestants time to call in their answers for points ranging from 5 to 100, depending upon the difficulty of the question.

Questions are taken from films, TV shows, books, newspapers and magazines, and cover all areas of trivial knowledge – from history to the world of entertainment.

The contest will continue for 50 hours until midnight Sunday. At that time, the off-campus and on-campus teams with the most points will receive prizes as trivial as the questions they’ve answered. First prize will be plastic flower urns, second prize, Coast Guard-approved life jackets, and third prize, pink plastic flamingos.

Larry Page, broadcasting director at Lawrence, said that off-campus players will have six telephone lines on which to call in their answers. The series will begin with 735-9338.

As a special treat for trivia buffs, Page has prepared a Trivia Hall of Fame, with the names of winning teams going back to 1966. Engraved on metal plates are such revered t team names as Gorilla Rabbit; Mad Dog; Moonbase Rutabaga; Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael; Test Tube Triploid; Philboyd Studge; Jhon Doe; Monkey Demon; Monty Python; and Banana Caboose. The last two teams, which Page said were composed of Appleton High School-East students, were the only two-time winners in contest history (an appropriate bit of trivia).

The contest draws as many as 500 off-campus teams composed of students from area colleges and schools and adults, and 50-100 on-campus teams.

The questions are compiled by students and alumni known as Trivia Masters. This year they are students Patrick Short, Madison; Karen Lutz, Beloit; Michael Moi, Elkhorn; Bernard Haen, Sturgeon Bay; Jeff Pines, Winnetka, Ill.; Mary Eichenberger, Delafield; Elizabeth Read, Lake Mills; and alumni Jane Tessin, McFarland, and Michael Sigman, Manitowoc.

Answers to the questions above: 1. 39; 2. Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie; 3. Brewers 9, Colonels 2, Joe Houlik; 4. Simone.