Bright & Brief

The Associated Press, January 24, 1983.

Mark and Kim Koepke of Stevens Point reached back into their memories of a trip to Europe five years ago to help their team win the 18th annual Midwest Trivia Contest.

The Koepkes and 23 other members of the Cardboard Castle emerged the winners in the off-campus division of the weekend contest sponsored by Lawrence University radio station WLFM.

Contest organizers figured no one would be able to answer one of the final questions: In Amsterdam, across from Central Station, there is a clock at a stop for the No. 22 bus. Next to the clock is a sign. What does it say?

The answer was provided by the Koepkes: "5,397 Miles to Wall Drug, Wall, S.D., U.S.A."

While they were students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, the Koepkes participated in a study program in England. In their travels in Europe they encountered the sign and took a photograph since it might make a good trivia question.

Wall Drug is in western South Dakota. It began as a drugstore but is now a tourist attraction.

Cardboard Castle totaled 1,965 points in the contest. Second place went to a team called "Open the Trunk, Rik," and third to a group called the "Infomaniacs," mostly made up of library workers.