On the Light Side

The Associated Press, January 31, 1986.

The 21st annual Midwest Trivia Contest, described by a coordinator as an "intellectual exercise in futility," is scheduled this weekend at Lawrence University.

"There's nothing to be gained by it, and nothing to be lost either," said Larry Page, Lawrence director of broadcasting. "Except sleep."

A 50-pound block of salt will be awarded to the first-place team this year, while the No. 2 team will get a salt brick and the third place a boot.

"I shudder to think of giving away anything that's worth something," Page said. "It prostitutes the whole idea of the contest.

"It's an intellectual exercise in futility."

Contestants will listen in as questions are read on WLFM-FM, the school station, with time allowed for them to call in answers.

Some of the teams will bear the names of local eating establishments, who will furnish food to those participating.

"The pizza teams do better than the drinking teams," Page said. "The drinking teams have a few beers and then fall asleep."