Uncle Tom's Toaster wins trivia contest

The Harrisburg Daily Register, February 2, 1988.

APPLETON, Wis.(UPI) - A team called Uncle Tom's Toaster compiled1,600 points to win the off-campus championship in Lawrence University's 23rd annual MIdwest Trivia Contest while the Armadillo Appreciation Society ran up 1,100 points for the on-campus win.

Larry Page, director of radio at Lawrence, said Monday more than 130 off-campus teams and 20 on-campus teams competed in the marathon 50-hour event, which started at 10 p.m. Friday and concluded at midnight Sunday.

A team called FBI Agents Make Good Company took second place in the off-campus competition with 1,485 points and Colman and Godzilla Eat Dominos was second on-campus with 865 points, he said.

The trivia buffs competed for such trivial prizes as plastic flamingos and packages of sardines.

During the contest, questions were broadcast from the school's WLFM radio studio and teams called in and had two chances to answer the question correctly. Each question was assigned a point value.

But Page said there were only two questions during the entire contest worth 100 points.

He said the final question was the following piece of trivia: Chet Krause of Krause Publications Inc. owns a 1938 real firetruck. Affixed to the right side of the vehicle is a ladder that was donated to the community in which the fire truck operated. Part A: Who donated the ladder? Part B: On what date was it donated? Part C: To what community was it donated?

Page said the correct answer was August Erber, who donated the ladder Aug. 6, 1931 to the village of Iola.