Off-campus team puts trivia title in the bank

The Appleton Post-Crescent, January 28, 1997.

It's in the Bank of Kaukauna edged out One Guy, One Book, One Phone, 945-910, to claim the off-campus title and the first-place prize of a Fred Flintstone head during Lawrence University's 32nd annual 60-hour [sic] Midwest Trivia Contest over the weekend.

One Guy, One Book, One Phone earned a small Scarlet O'Hara statue for finishing second. The seven-time defending off-campus champions, playing as The Cheese Stands Alone this year, finished third among the 53 off-campus teams with 865 points.

Kohler Hall plus Phi Kappa Tau won the on-campus title with 1,005 points, earning a plastic growling cat. Banastitudinal Lepers Edifying Antidiluvean Hemophiliacs Ravenously Gnarling Down Pizza was second with 945 points and Trivial Transgressors of Colman/Ormsby was third with 775 points.

This year's super garruda question was: What are the names and titles typed under the last four signatures on page 8 of the September 1970 publication of the "Eau Claire County Community Shelter Plan; Where to go and what to do in case of nuclear attack?" No team came up with the answer of D.E. Whelan, Eau Claire Press Co.; Harvey Borchers Jr., Wisconsin Telephone Co.; Leonard Drescher, G.S.A.; Hilda Carter, Plan Commission.