Kaukauna Team Wins Midwest Trivia Title

Lawrence University Hosted Annual Contest
Madison Capital Times, January 30, 2002.

Piggy Bank of Kaukauna defended its off-campus team title in the 37th annual Midwest Trivia Contest at Lawrence University.

Piggy Bank narrowly won the 50-hour contest that ended late Sunday, defeating Lucky Guess Choking on a Pretzel at the Library 1,375 points to 1,345 to receive a ceramic figurine holding a lute.

The Lord of the Iowans: Fellowship of the Corn finished third.

In the on-campus division, a team called Yuais defeated defending champion Der Uberteam by just two points in one of the closest finishes in the contest's history, organizers said.

The Ormsby/Colman/Brokaw halls team placed third.

No team answered this year's 100-point "Super Garruda" question, the last and hardest question of the contest: "Who knocked in the winning runs in the 2000 Busch Tournament Championship in Madison, Wis.?" The answer was Kent Palmer.

Fifty off-campus teams and five on-campus teams participated in the contest, which featured 393 questions broadcast on campus radio station WLFM from 10 p.m. Friday until midnight Sunday.

The trivia questions were also available on the World Wide Web for the first time this year, drawing teams from other areas playing online.

"We had somebody call Friday from Los Angeles," said trivia master Nick Siegel.

Participants also included former Lawrence students and former Fox Valley residents.

"People come from Iowa, Indiana, from all over to be with their friends for this weekend," said Adam Pelzer, one of a dozen people who dreamt up the questions for the event.