Teasers Test the Best in Contest

Knight-Ridder News Service
The Ontario London Free Press, February 2, 2002.

Traditionally, the first question in the Lawrence University (Appleton, Wis.) Midwest Trivia Contest is the last question from the previous year, giving teams a chance to pick up a quick 100 points.

This year, university president Richard Warch kicked off the competition by asking Question No. 1:

If the longest home run ever hit at Wrigley Field had travelled three more feet, what is the name of the person whose television set would have been destroyed?

The answer, of course, was Naomi Martinez.

The question came from Essential Cubs, a trivia book by Doug Myers.

Here are a few from this year's contest.

1. In the book American Psycho, what perfume does Patrick Bateman's girlfriend wear when flirting with his best friend Price?

2. On what date did the construction of the Pentagon begin?

3. When Saigon fell during the Vietnam War, what was the signal for all Americans to evacuate?

4. In Jughead Jones Digest No. 66, there's a costume party at Veronica's. What does Jughead go as?

5. What was the Volkswagen bug originally called?

1. Obsession
2. Sept. 11, 1941
3.Bing's Crosby's White Christmas was played on the radio
4. A can of bug spray
5. The KDF