'Bank' takes top honors in LU trivia

The Appleton Post-Crescent, January 26, 2003.

APPLETON - It was a "three-peat" for the Federal Reserve Blank of Kaukauna, which won its third straight off-campus title over the weekend in the 38th annual Lawrence University Midwest Trivia Contest

The Bank of Kaukauna racked up 1,475 points in the 50-hour marathon that finished at midnight Sunday. It was the fifth time in the last seven years the Bank has captured the off-campus title. Six Feet Under was a distant second with 1,335
points while Skull Squadron finished third with 1,335 points.

Bucky's Banastitudinal Bureaucratic Bourgeois Blashphemers captured the on-campus title with 1,319 points, edging Old Man Jamie's Grumpy Group, which finished second with 1,288 points. Eine Kleine Uberteam was third with 1,214 points.

The Bank of Kaukauna was awarded an old bathroom scale with orange shag carpeting on it for its off-campus title, while Bucky's received a cigarette display blender duct taped to a broken rolling chair for its first-place prize.

Sixty off-campus and eight on-campus teams competed. No learn was able to answer the contest's final "Super Garruda" question within the time limit, although the Bank of Kaukauna did come up with the answer 15 seconds after time expired.

This year's Super Garruda was: "When he was in ninth grade. Frank Zappa won a Fire Prevention Week poster contest. What did his poster say? The answer was "No Picnic. Why? No Woods. Prevent Forest Fires."