As of August, 2008

Task Scheduled Start Scheduled Completion
Site and earth retention 6/11/2007 9/30/2007

Site clearing

Relocation of steam and water

Reinforcement of Sage foundation

Excavation 6/11/2007 10/31/2007

All excavation and earth removal

Backfill where necessary

Foundations  6/25/2007 10/30/2007

Drill caissons

Pour caissons

Concrete Walls 7/30/2007 8/28/2008

Form wall/pour concrete

Form elevator shaft/pour concrete

Structure 10/8/2007 7/31/2008

Form/pour columns (all levels)

Form/pour decks

Enclosure  3/3/2008 8/31/2008

Stone masonry



Interiors 4/7/2008 2/15/2009



Wood wall panels/ceilings

Interior glass walls

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation 1/14/2008 1/26/2009

HVAC rough-in

Electrical, sprinkler, plumbing rough-ins

Electrical finishes

Plumbing fixtures and finishes

Elevators 7/7/2008 12/30/2008

Install rails and equipment

Install cabs

Testing and approvals

Dining Service 8/18/2008 6/30/2009

Install equipment

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections

Move existing equipment to campus center

Landscaping 7/15/2008 11/30/2008

Exterior concrete

Stairs and patios


Set trees on land bridge

Land Bridge 9/15/2007 8/29/2008



Footings and abutments