Mailing of Design Projects

TIMELINE: The schedule for mailing of design projects (booklets, invitations, brochures, postcards, etc.) is dependent on:

  • Quantity to be mailed
  • Type of piece to be mailed
  • Number of items to be assembled in the mailing
  • Postal regulations
  • Other work being done in the print shop

Our production team meets weekly to determine project schedules and in the event we are unable to meet the deadline you have asked for, we will let you know within 48 hours.

A separate request form for the mailing of a design project is not necessary. (Mailing information is provided on the design request form.) All design projects to be mailed require a minimum of 7 working days after the artwork is approved. Exceptions must be approved in advance by Cal Husmann, VP for alumni, development and communications, 920-832-7687.

Certain mailing services involving large mailings are split between the Warch Campus Center mailroom and our print shop. All mail operations are scheduled to move to the Warch Campus Center by September 2011.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Craig L. Gagnon, director of communications, at 920-832-6587 with any questions or concerns you have related to your project.

The Office of Communications strives to produce high quality, creative communications for the Lawrence community and we want you to be satisfied with (and even proud of) our work.