TIMELINE: Simple photocopy orders involving 100-500 black and white pages can usually be completed and delivered within 48 hours. Orders requiring folding, stapling, tabbing, stuffing in envelopes and addressing take longer and we ask that you allow a minimum of five working days for more complicated or larger projects.*

Our copying services are dedicated to higher volume projects that cannot easily be accomplished elsewhere on campus. In general, the print shop does not accept photocopy orders of less than 100 pages.

PROJECT DETAILS: Please remember that copy equipment may not be used to copy certain materials that are protected by The Copyright Act, which gives the owner of copyrighted material the right to control its duplication and distribution. It prohibits photocopying unless the copying falls within one of the limited exceptions provided for in the Act.

For more information about copyright concerns, please see this resource.

COLOR COPIES: Color copies cost the university 16 times more than black & white copies. Consider the cost carefully before making such a request. Will the reader of your materials appreciate them more if you use color? Could the money be better spent on something more important?

  1. Copy project name:

  2. Date to be delivered or mailed:

    (MM/DD/YYYY; Cannot be sooner than 2 days from today's date.)
  3. Quantity of finished pieces:

  4. Approximate number of total copied pages:

  5. Originals will be provided via:

  6. Double/one-sided:

  7. Black and white or color copies:

    NOTE: Color copies are printable on white paper only.
  8. Finishing:

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QUESTIONS? Please contact Craig L. Gagnon, director of communications, at 920-832-6587 with any questions or concerns you have related to your project.

The Office of Communications strives to produce high quality, creative communications for the Lawrence community and we want you to be satisfied with (and even proud of) our work.