Publicity for University Events

The first and most important step for generating publicity for university events is to provide the details when completing the room reservation request. In the box called “detailed description” write one or two brief paragraphs about the event and check the box “add to the LU calendar.” Here are a few tips for promoting your event. (link to a tip sheet to come here and on the calendar near the detail box)

The LU website is where all publicity begins. Providing the details of your event on the calendar gives website visitors the information they need to attend your event. Plus, as the event draws near, a link to those details will appear on the website’s home page!

TIMELINE: Provide all the information you know as soon as you know it, and be sure to update the calendar entry if details change.

MEDIA RELATIONS: The local media follows Lawrence University’s calendar of events closely and our media relations office will point the news media in the direction of the information you post. The media relations office will follow up with you if additional information is needed.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Craig L. Gagnon, director of communications, at 920-832-6587 with any questions or concerns you have related to your project.

The Office of Communications strives to produce high quality, creative communications for the Lawrence community and we want you to be satisfied with (and even proud of) our work.