Business Cards

TIMELINE: Our print shop prints business cards three times per year, prior to the start of the Fall, Winter and Spring terms; and at the time new staff and faculty are hired.* Please order a new supply of cards well in advance of your need and do not wait until your last card has been used. Order a quantity that is sufficient to last a year or longer.

PROJECT DETAILS: Business cards are printed in multiples of 50 and follow a standard format:
Sample Card

DELIVERY DATE: Cards are printed/delivered in regular cycles on or around September 1, January 1, and March 30. You will receive your cards on the next available delivery cycle from today.

  1. Quantity:

    (Must be a multiple of 50)
  2. Name on card:
  3. Title on card:
  4. Department on card:
  5. Phone number on card:
  6. Cell phone number on card (optional):
  7. Fax number on card (optional):
  8. E-mail on card:
  9. Web address on card (optional):
  10. Additional phone numbers for card (optional):
  11. Your name:
  12. Your e-mail:
  13. Your department/title:
  14. Your phone number:
  15. Notes/Other information (optional):

QUESTIONS? Please contact Craig L. Gagnon, director of communications, at 920-832-6587 with any questions or concerns you have related to your project.

The Office of Communications strives to produce high quality, creative communications for the Lawrence community and we want you to be satisfied with (and even proud of) our work.

*We deliver business cards prior to the start of each term and when new faculty and staff are hired. Exceptions must be approved in advance by Cal Husmann, VP for alumni, development and communications, 920-832-7687.