Department Envelopes

TIMELINE: Our print shop prints department envelopes twice a year, in the summer and winter, traditionally the slower times on campus.* We try to maintain a sufficient inventory in the print shop, however, that is not always possible. Please order a quantity that is sufficient to last your area a year or longer.

Department envelopes come in four sizes:

  • #10 business envelopes (standard letter size)
  • #10 window envelopes
  • #9 business reply envelopes (smaller to fit inside a #10, if needed)
  • 9”x12” large envelopes

All envelopes, except the business reply envelopes (BRE), are white with the official Lawrence crest, wordmark and address in the upper left corner.

BREs must comply with postal regulations, and we will work with you to ensure they can be mailed.

  1. Department name (official):

  2. Mailing address to appear on letterhead:
  3. Date finished project should be delivered:

  4. Quantity:
  5. Envelope Size:
  6. Your name:
  7. Your e-mail:
  8. Your department/title:
  9. Your phone number:
  10. Notes/Other information (optional):

QUESTIONS? Please contact Craig L. Gagnon, director of communications, at 920-832-6587 with any questions or concerns you have related to your project.

The Office of Communications strives to produce high quality, creative communications for the Lawrence community and we want you to be satisfied with (and even proud of) our work.

*We deliver envelope orders at the beginning of September and January. Exceptions must be approved in advance by Cal Husmann, VP for alumni, development and communications, 920-832-7687.