The approval of the instructor, as recorded in Voyager, is required for registration in the following cases:

Some Things to Think About in Advance

Recording an Approval to Register for Your Classes

Select the following links after loggin into Voyager --
     Faculty Academic Services
         Instructor Menu
             Give Approval to Register For Your Classes Only

Use the scroll bar to find your student, then click on the student's name. A page will appear showing all your scheduled classes for the current and any future terms. Click in the boxes (one or more) to identify those classes for which you would like to give the student approval to register. Click 'Submit' to enter your approvals.

Use the link at the bottom of the page to return to the student list to select another student or use the links at the top of the page to return to the menu or elsewhere in Voyager.

Note: If you teach music lessons, clicking on the box in front of the lesson row will award approval for all terms in which that level of lesson is scheduled.

Recording an Approval to Register for a Colleague's Class -- Special Circumstances Only

If you need to record an approval for a colleague in an emergency, select the following links after logging into Voyager --
     Faculty Academic Services
         Instructor Menu
              SELECT TERM
                   SELECT CRN (pick class from the drop-down list or type in CRN using the link at the bottom of the page)
                      SELECT STUDENT (Hint: Type in a few letters of the student's last name and end with %. 'Submit' to create a drop-down box of Lawrence students from which to pick a name.)
                          Give Approval to Register (Hint: If you are recording a number of approvals for the same class, use the 'Select Student' link at the bottom of the page to pick the next student. The system will remain locked on to the same term and CRN. Important Note: For limited enrollment classes after the term begins, you must use the code labeled 'Apr to Add Lim Enr Class'. This code will only appear after the term begins.)

Viewing Approvals

Students will see approvals in Voyager on their 'Check Registration Times & Status' page for term. Instructors can view approvals by using the 'View Instructor Approvals to Register', which is the last item on the Instructor Menu, or click on the CRN on the 'Give Approval...' page. The 'View Instructor Approvals...' page provides a total count at the bottom and will show if the student has registered or waitlisted the class.

Limited Enrollment Classes

If you are offering a seat to a student in a limited enrollment class after the term begins, a special code ('Apr to Add Lim Enr Class') is required. On or after the first day of classes the 'Give Approval to Register for Your Classes Only' page will insert the proper code for you. If you are using the generic approval form you will need to select the proper code yourself.

Authorization to Give Approvals

It is expected that only the course instructor will record approvals to register. The system, however, will allow any faculty member to approve any course. This will allow colleagues to help students when faculty are ill or have other emergencies during registration periods. If you give approval for someone else's class, you need to communicate that fact to the instrucor.


Please call the Registrarís Office at x6578.

Revised January 2013