(avoid aggravation later, do it right the first time)
  • Each student is responsible for maintaining an accurate class registration record with the Registrar's Office.  If you change classes (a section change is a class change; a music studio change for lessons is a class change) while registration is open, you need to correct your schedule in Voyager. If you change classes after the second week of the term and the end of the class change period, you will need to submit a petition to do so (see the registration instructions in Voyager). If you have a problem with Voyager, you should notify the Registrar's Office immediately.  Beware of kind and generous individuals who say they will take care of a class registration problem for you.  While their intentions are good, instructors, advisers, and others cannot register you for a class.  Only you can.
  • Courtesy counts! While we use technology in many ways, Lawrence is a place that values face-to-face exchanges and conversations. Not all of your registration and other business can be conducted by e-mail, v-mail, or Voyager. You will need to meet with faculty - advisors and instructors. Be sure to introduce yourself. Be sure to give your name (full, not nickname) and ID in writing to an instructor if you are asking for approval to register for a class, even if you've had a class with the instructor before. If you need to find a professor's office, phone, or e-mail use FIND
  • Plan ahead! Don't assume that sending e-mail five minutes before your assigned registration time ends makes your registration problem someone else's problem. Advisors and instructors are busy people; don't assume they can stop what they are doing and instantly release a hold or record an approval upon your request.
  • Do your homework. Don't be ignorant. Make sure your questions are informed ones. Use the resources on the Web to learn about the rules and procedues. See Registration on the Registrar's Office home page.
  • Always check Important Term Dates & Deadlines. The final registration and class change period for each term is 10 class days long and begins on the first day of classes for the term. The exact dates are published in the course catalog, on the Web, and provided to you on your registration times and status page in Voyager. When your assigned registration time ends, the system will not let you access the add/drop page to make changes.
  • Always check your 'Check Registration Times & Status' page in Voyager. This page will list your registration times, approvals to register for specific classes, and any holds on your record that will prevent you from adding and dropping classes from your schedule. You must meet with your advisor to have an advising hold released. If you have another type of registration hold, you should contact the appropriate office immediately to find out what you need to do to have it released.
  • Use the registration instructions and checklist found on the Voyager 'Registration' page. You can skip the items that don't pertain to you, but the checklist is a handy way to ensure you don't forget to do something. Your attention now will save you frustration later in the term. Registration errors can lead to your
    • receiving no credit for a completed class;
    • receiving a failing grade in a class never attended;
    • failing to be certified as a full-time student for insurance, financial aid, visa, or other purposes;
    • being assessed a late registration fee ( per cancellation or addition through the last day of classes, per cancellation or addition thereafter).
  • Don't forget to 'Submit' changes. When you make changes on the Voyager 'Add/Drop Classes' page, including selecting the waiting list option, ALWAYS click on the 'Submit' button to send your changes to the data system. Review the results on the screen carefully and take action on any errors.
  • Check your schedule before leaving the registration pages in Voyager. Be sure to look at meeting times and instructors to make sure you are in the right section. Watch for time conflicts. If you submitted a waiting list request it will appear on your schedule with a rank number.
  • CRNs are not the same from term to term or year to year. Always refer to the class schedule or schedule search on the Web to obtain the correct CRN for the class you want.
  • Students on waiting lists must obtain the approval of the instructor to join the class on, or after, the first class meeting. The instructor must record the approval in Voyager, AND THE STUDENT MUST USE VOYAGER TO ADD THE CLASS. See Registration Rules & Procedures for important information about how waiting lists work.
  • If you intend to use the S/U option, submit your form when you register for the class.  You cannot choose to take a class S/U after the first two weeks of the term. We cannot process your form unless a registration period is open and your advising holds have been released. Be sure to review the rules for electing the S/U option.  These can be found in the course catalog or at Academic Regulations and Procedures
  • If you are repeating a class you failed, make sure you file an F-Repeat form when you register for the class.  If you fail to file the form, the second grade will not replace the original 'F' in the computation of your degree GPA.
  • Do be sure to review your schedule in Voyager every time you make a class change and at the beginning of the third week of classes each term.  Contact the Registrar's Office immediately if you find any errors.  Students who need to correct their schedules after the class change period for the term concludes, will need to petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration.


Revised January 2013

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