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Lawrence University, Youngchild Hall Of Science
P.O. Box 599, Appleton, WI 54912-0599
Voice: 920/832-6722, Fax: 920/832-6962
Email: LeRoy.Frahm@lawrence.edu
"Today's Problems come from Yesterday's Solutions"
--a law of The Fifth Dicipline, Peter Senge, 1990

Lawrence Interests - Celebrating 25 Years!

  • Faculty Research Support - "Miracles I do right away, the impossible takes a little longer!"
  • Laboratory Support - "Go ask LeRoy!"
  • Answers to anything electronic, mechanical, and everything in between
  • "Every step requires that we stay comfortable with uncertainty, and confident of confusion's role."
    --Epilogue of Leadership and the New Science, Wheatley, 1992

    Family Interests

  • Rose, dedicated wife of 25 years - Office Manager of Henes, Phillips, and Willeford Court Reporters
  • Erika, "favoritest" daughter - Biology Undergraduate at Knox College
  • Ellery, number 1 son - Archaeology Grad Student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Penny, fiance of Ellery - AmeriCorps volunteer in St. Paul

  • Other Interests

  • First Sergeant, 440th Maintenance Squadron, GMIAP, Milwaukee, WI; Air Force Reserve

  • Vietnam Gunships - "So you painted 'Charlie Chasers' on the gunships, Dad?"

  • Bonsai, instruction and hobby

  • Current Projects

  • Leadership Development Facilatator
  • Teambuilding Facilatator
  • TQM Instructor - Xerox Model

  • Presentations

  • Exploring Role Expectations - Washington DC, San Antonio
  • Simple Art of Teambuilding - San Antonio
  • Non-Verbal Communication for the... - Atlanta
  • Advanced Facilatation - Sacramento, St. Louis, Niagra Falls, Atlanta

  • LeRoy's Cautions

  • Rewarding negative behaviors
  • Beware of compensating feedback
  • Nothing is obvious until it is spoken
  • Form is more important than content
  • Recycling the same solution, expecting a different result

  • Reading Interests

  • Leadership, Process Improvement, Teambuilding and Bonsai
  • Authors: Deming, Covey, Naka
  • Seven Habits, The Art of War, Dilbert Principle

  • Vision: "To Provide a Level of Service beyond Simple Satisfaction"

    "Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood"
    5th Habit, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey, 1989

    Favorite Website: EllerPages - Amargosa Observatory and the Complete Coleman Francis Pages


  • Lawrence University Website
  • Physics at LU
  • Psychology at LU
  • Top News Stories - Reuters, CNN, AR, BBC, and much more
  • Air Force Link - Official site: news, photos, library, and more
  • eBay Auctions - Never again have a life
  • Advanced Book Exchange - The world's largest source of out-of-print books!

  • Web Authoring Resources

  • LU Web Builders Central
  • LU/NEHWeb Workshop
  • A Beginner's Guide to HTML - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about HTML

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